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Conversation Between ATL-ALL-DAY and ugafan

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  1. Yeah, that looks to be the right area, thanks man!
  2. I guess the thread got taken down, but I think there's a link on the wwe site, I wanna say Shawns Diary or something... But he was definitely in some box seats watching the match... So that's my guess... But lemme check the WM27 thread for the link
  3. Nope, do you have a link?
  4. Did u watch the video of Shawn michaels watching the taker/hhh match? That might be my guess as to who it was... I'm thinking maybe it was him going back to the box seats to finish watching mania after hugging and talking to HHH backstage
  5. You're telling me! I was like 5 sections over and I still couldn't see who it was!
  6. Ok, I was in lower 114, and I didn't even notice that, now that's gonna bug the crap outta me not knowing who it was and what was going on....
  7. I was in section 215 which was to the right of the ramp if you were walking down. There was somebody really famous in the press boxes apparently and this was happening durin the Cena-Miz match(near the beginning). People stopped watching the match and tried to take pictures/get a look at whoever was in the boxes above them. IDK who it was.
  8. Which side? Behind the camera? Or in front? And I'm not quite sure what u mean... About what match was this happening?
  9. I was sitting in the 200's section and everybody was trying to snap a picture of somebody above them but I'm not sure who it was. Do you have an idea?
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