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Conversation Between mdm692 and phlp_bj

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  1. Please read the mock playoff voting announcement and submit your votes before the Friday deadline. Thanks
  2. please make sure your clubhouse is updated before FA tonight!
  3. ur up
  4. you'll be OTC in a half an hr or so
  5. ur OTC
  6. you'll be up in 9mins
  7. you'll be up soon
  8. ur up in the draft
  9. if they traded for tucker, bird rights carry over. if they signed tucker, bird rights wouldn't carry over. i would look into that first. if you're renouncing players, remmeber to do so in that thread!
  10. I actually wanted to ask about PJ Tucker. Apparently the real Suns have bird rights for Tucker even though he's only played with them 2 years. How does that work? Am I missing something? I thought it was 3 years for bird rights. How should I use it in regards to cap holds for the clubhouse.
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