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Conversation Between wissportsfan and homestarunner93

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  1. I'm giving them first rights because they were the team that originally got him. I was trying to do a whole bunch of them that night and didn't realize he didn't have the min.
  2. LOL really? They get right of first refusal when they couldn't even take the time to look up his minimum salary? hah.
  3. What I'm going to do is talk to the winning team see if they want to retain them for the min and if not he'll go back on free agency.
  4. Sooo...about George Wilson...
  5. I didn't realize they offered him lower than the min
  6. How did George Wilson sign with the Bucs for less than the minimum?
  7. Yeah I was thinking about that as well. I'll put that into the rules
  8. Can we close the loophole on PM bids that you can bid less than $15M? Otherwise there isn't much downside to just going to $15M on everyone so you can force a PM bid and bid whatever the hell you want.
  9. Super was just PM'ing people via chatzy because we had a majority of the TC online anyways.
  10. You guys posting the trades for the committee? If so where because I thought they were going in the NFL round table forum
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