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Conversation Between wissportsfan and NYMetros

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  1. Yeah I mean that was his high school photo so a good time ago. That would've been cool though if he got a chance like that. I think he could end up playing again next year if he's healthy. The guy is a truck.
  2. Woah he looks way different now. I think he's on IR for us right now.

    Too bad he probably could've gotten some carries too with our RB situation

    edit- oh wait, nevermind we released him.
  3. John Clay

    I grew up around where he played and played against him in high school. Just never changed it I guess.
  4. who the hell is he??

    im good man
  5. Haha what's going on? And I thought you would know he played for the Steelers, think he still does.
  6. Sup man

    Always wondered who is that black guy in your avatar haha?
  7. Yes sir. It's going to be fun. I can't wait and I gotta wait 2 weeks.
  8. Looks like its steelers-packers
  9. your up man
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