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Conversation Between jeter 2 and Punk

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  1. but the games most importantly need to stop for a deal to get done.
  2. and like maybe because of the lack of communication and understanding, their points are either being ignored or misinterpreted.
  3. yeah well it would probably help if they stop playing cat&mouse games with each other. at the end of the day, they are both losing out.
  4. According to Stern, the owners were ready to strike a deal at 50-50 but that seems to be a clear cut lie. The players still want to remain at 53.

    I hope they can strike a deal by Tuesday. They aren't that far off honestly. They just need to get their penis and ego out of the way.
  5. Its crazy. It looks like the players are willing to give up a lot and the owners keep asking for a lot. They just need to compromise and stop worrying about who has like the bigger stick.
  6. I honestly do not know at this point. I thought they made progress and we could see a deal done this week and cancelation of games was just something they had to do but this is just sounding like two sides that are stubbord, igorant and do not give a **** about the fans.
  7. Hey do you think the lockout will be done soon?
  8. Why do you like Shannon Brown more than T-Mac? Thats what I'm wondering.
  9. I like how you respond to all my posts.
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