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Conversation Between justinnum1 and knicks=love

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  1. check it out, it's really cool.
  2. i've seen it around, but not in person. not sure what i really think about it. i hate that they keep making things smaller. not sure why that's so important.
  3. you see that mini ipad yet?
  4. that's fine. i'll just throw something up tomorrow if i can.
  5. if you want to do them, you can send em in. Been crazy buys these last 2 weeks.
  6. yo did you do rankings or do you want me to send some in?
  7. not sure if you saw but the trade deadline is sunday morning. just update the clubby if it isn't already.
  8. sorry everyone is such a douche to you
  9. i picked ben wallace and scalabrine
  10. we need 2 more players for the bulls redraft, its a free for all so if you can just pick 2 guys that would be great.
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