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Conversation Between Purple&Gold24 and SteBO

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  1. I was stoked about the Ray Allen signing, and I think the Rashard Lewis signing is a solid one because it at least adds size to our front court. I just hope he can rebound a bit more than he has for his career, but we shall see.

    For what it's worth, the Laker bench now is much better than what the Heat had in year one of the big three. I mean, Mike Bibby was our starting PG lol. We had a broken Mike Miller (still broken in fact), broken Udonis Haslem, and literally nobody else. Antawn Jamison is better than anyone the Heat had that year as well. The Lakers should be fine in the long haul, the only threat to them is OKC. That would be one hell of a series. Heat-Lakers would be the Finals of the century and I hope it happens because I've always wanted to see a Kobe-LeBron showdown.
  2. I completey agree with you Stebo. Like I was saying Your team is still & will be the top dog in the NBA until proven otherwise. 2nd best team is still OKC. I mean obviously im a Laker fan & I cant wait till we play the Heat and Thunder, hopefully we win :P. But Lakers fans are seriously overrating our bench. But you gotta remember this is the best bench we've had IMO in years. But they arent freaking that great. Like you said our starting 5 can really carry us far. And thats if they Gel together. Also Stebo, I remember lakers fans (AND I BELIEVE THESE ARENT EVEN TRUE LAKER FANS, FREAKING ANNOYING AND EMBARASSING) were all saying screw dwight hes an a**hol*, he can stay in orlando & now hes here and they love him. Thats why I kept my mouth shut until evrything fell into place. As far Dwight getting a free pass if you will, & LeBron getting stoned, i think its unfair. But at least ppl will hate us even more so. But heat got even scarier with the additions they made this summer.HOLY CRAP!
  3. Please don't take any of my posts out of context in that thread you're viewing in the Laker forum. Mitch Kupchak is a straight up boss, and he pulled off one of the best deals in recent history. I just completely disagree with people saying Jamison, Meeks, Blake, and Jordan Hill is better than what OKC has to offer off their bench. It's not like it matters come playoff time anyway. Nash, Kobe, Pau and Dwight can win you championships even with minimal support because of the versatility betweem the four of them. I think the Lakers have become an amazing team, I just wish some of your guys would chill out a little.
  4. I bet bro, I've won like $556 on the the Heat, lmao....Im going to double it for the finals hopefully. Trust me you guys got this. Hopefully A heat championship will encourage the Lakers front office to make more changes.
  5. I hope so man. And yeah, last night was crazy....
  6. Congratz again bro! Heat in 5 or 6 vs Mavs.
  7. My prediction coming soon.
  8. YOu were right

    Sorry about the Lakers though. Honestly, you know it's not your series when DAL is hitting 20 three's in a game.
  9. I was right hahaha I hate the fact that you were wrong about the lakers :cry:
  10. Ha. Probably. I just love the way we're playin right now. But, we got a win in Boston in the next two games. We don't wanna make this more difficult than it has to. BOS has a lot of pride, so we got to be ready for their energy out of the gate.
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