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Conversation Between Purple&Gold24 and BlueJayFanDan

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  1. <3
  2. Granger and JJ? For Durant? HELL NO!!
  3. I didn't understand what any of that meant lol. Hence why I don't have a good sig right now I guess haha. But you have a sweet sig.
  4. I know...thats to bad haha I made mine haha I just found a pick of the rookie cropped it out to like a wide photo then, brightened up the photo colored and added a little text to it. and Blackened the edges.
  5. I need to learn how to make sigs. I really want a Lawrence Timmons sig but no one knows how to make one around here. its lame.
  6. Eh, its all good then lol. Yeah, I cant wait for the season to start. Raiders for sure took a bit of a step back losing those guys but I still think the Raiders can win that division. Steeler should do pretty well. I am mostly worried about New England. They scare me.
  7. Im gunna find you a SICK *** steelers gotta rep.
  8. haha yeah I would! if you lived closer and you learned spanish ahaha. Im glad football is back and us PSDers have something to talk about. Steelers dont play the Raiders this your lucky haha jk jk. I hope we do better than last year despite losing asomugha and zach miller i was crying. UGHHHH!
  9. Nice dude! Sounds awesome. I need a job!!!! Hire me!!!!!!!!
  10. Thats good, ive been okay. Well im planning on being here all the time. I got my own office now so I can be on w.e site I want.
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