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Conversation Between Purple&Gold24 and BigGuy951

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  1. Yoo! For real man! It's all good, gotta make that money!
    Thanks! I didn't realize it had been that long since we had talked haha.
    I hope you're wrong. Cause that would take Carson losing us a lot of games and Leinart pulverizing his collar bone again for Pryor to start lol.
    And duuude :/ It's not looking good. I'm so disappointed!
  2. Hey, big guy....long time no talk man. Lol my fault Ive been working all day everry damn day. And its slowed down my PSD time...but these past 2 weeks I been posting almost everyday. I was main a reader for a while. But anyways just wanted to congradulate you on begin a Mod!!! I remember we were talking about both of us being mods one day lol. BTW Pryor will be a starter sometime this season. Mark my words / Freaking Angels man so sad. If they made the playoffs I think theyd go far.
  3. Hell yeah! Tell me about it!
    I woke up and I basically threw a party!
  4. Dude!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Albert Pujols!!!! I was in the angel forum yesterdayyy!! reading the posts that the angels were the 3rd mystery team! and they denied it? I was like awwww
    Woke up this morning and BOOMM!
    And CJ Wilson dayummm!! woot woot!!
  5. I hope it is cool, man. I love my date and she's a beauty so it should be fun! Your second prom sounds dope AF. Haha thanks man! I have another serious thing going against **********. He's a *****.
    Anyway, yeah me too! I want Kaepernick, actually. But he may fall to the 2nd. I hope we have a good draft.
  6. Thats so awesome!!! That would have been cool if it was Angel staduim but house of blues should be bada$s, I went to 2 proms. One was at some country club, then the other one was at a club in Long Beach called V2O and that was Dope! So yeah bro have fun and Yeah I saw that I was gunna get your back but I was like Bigguys a LAR he's got it. hahah. But anyways I want the Raiders to trade up so bad haha Im so used to being excited for the draft but we barely have any picks. I really want a New QB I like Cambell but ugh I dont think he's going to do any better this year. I wanted Cam Newton so bad.
  7. Thanks man Prom is going to be at the House of Blues in Anaheim on Saturday, and Grad night is also in Anaheim. I wanted to have Prom at Angels Stadium like our rival H.S. but that didn't happen haha.
    Good idea. I wanted to go on Friday against Boston too but...i'm glad i didn't haha.
    Yeah, i haven't been posting a lot either.
    And the other day when i did (the last Laker game) some dude started arguing with me about Kobe's foul right away haha. I shut him up though
  8. That's great bro! Congratz on the Grad and Prom. Where is it being held? And I wanted to buy tickets when boston was over here but the day I was able to go was my off-day from work but the Laker game was on so I decided to just wait until playoffs are done and go. And ill start posting in the Angels forum and Raider forum a lot more.
  9. Sup man! Naw, i haven't, unfortunately. I've really wanted to but i just haven't been able to because of all the stuff that's been going on in school (Prom, Graduation, grades, college acceptances). Hopefully i can after this weekend
    How about you?
  10. Sup bro have you gone to any angel games?
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