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Conversation Between SILVER SEAVER and Petrovic

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  1. Hey Petro, good to hear from ya buddy. Yeah this season even if we just end up 82-80 has been a success.
  2. Went incognito a bit but now I'm back. What a memorable season!
  3. How is your fantasy league team?
  4. Thanks for the invite Petro. I would like to but I can't really keep up on a fantasy league right now. Keep in touch man, like to talk sports with you.
  5. Interested in joining a Fantasy Baseball League?

    Find mine on yahoo: League ID: 173163 Password: 12345

    Live Draft Tonight @ 9:30pm.
  6. random thought....but we could've got equivalent+more to what colorado got for ubaldo with we might have to settle watching him walk and getting a compensation pick....woopty doo.... :/
  7. Sounds like fun stuff. LOL Glad to see you back posting again. Yeah I agree Collins who wasn't given a chance to anything by many has certainly got this team heading in the right direction.
  8. stuff*** i rather not be busy with...
  9. excuse the hiatus, been pretty busy with stop I rather not be busy with. But anyway, I think Collins is doing a fantastic job with this team!
  10. Thanks Petro, it's only fitting afterall. I really believe the end is near for the Wilpons and their reign of terror in Queens.
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