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Conversation Between SILVER SEAVER and YoungStuna

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  1. You couldn't have gone wrong either way but I am happy.
  2. I wanted Yasmani Grandal, but I liked the Harvey pick. His stuff is electric.
  3. I remember when they drafted Harvey and most on here sighed. I was happy as pig in **** because I watch me some college baseball and I liked what I saw from Harvey. He was raw but with some work he could turn into a stud starting pitcher in this league.
  4. Yeah Harvey is a beast. I liked what I saw from him in the AAA all-star game, but I didn't think he'd be this good so fast. I really doubt Wheeler can be as good as Harvey just yet, but if he is we are in some great shape.
  5. I believed Harvey would be the real deal even before he had success at this level this season but I still have to see more from Wheeler, jury is still out. If he is as good at this level as everyone says he can be look out for years to come. Seaver & Koosman Part Deux.
  6. Haha thanks, no doubt about it
  7. Love your new avatar YS. It's the truth.
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