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Conversation Between Avenged and Gram

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  1. Gotta tell me who the other guy was man... Gram is the only one who can make sure if they're better for it than you!
  2. Haha nah not like that. I recommended another guy for the Lakers forum because it really needed another mod in there. And he just asked if I were willing to come back instead.
  3. Wait to SI just gave it to you without your opinion???
  4. I am as shocked as you. I didn't even ask for it lol
  5. "Yeah, most likely. BUT I doubt they take me back any time soon "

  6. Hey.

    Even more disappointed that you closed this.
  8. Well you said any mod could close it so I did

    Can't believe you locked this. If I had made it right now, you would have had alotta fun posting in it I bet.
  10. Misspelled your title. It's Ariana Gramde.
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