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Conversation Between Avenged and Chacarron

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  1. Nevermind the PM, too late to overturn the trade.
  2. OK, thanks.
  3. Mihm has been picked already dude
  4. You can make your pick in the Lakers RD. Clock won't start until tomorrow however.
  5. Hey Avenged, I will put up the Lakers All-Time Re-draft sign ups thread this Friday. Can you ask SI to give us the okay? Thank you.
  6. Hey Mo, I was thinking about doing the Lakers All-Time Re-Draft for the third time. I was hoping to start signups in a week or two (since a lot of Lakers fans are banned llullz). What do you think?
  7. no way, you can continue
  8. Now I don't have to do all the GTs.
  9. You are gray
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