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Conversation Between Avenged and Hawkeye15

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  1. Nets>Celtics......
  2. Celtics play starters and lose to Nets Bench
  3. you know its bad when you can't even find an active thread talking about the Lakers/Heat/Thunder...
  4. done
  5. Hey Super. Can you delete this bots spam posts?

    he had like 65+ all together but took care of the NBA ones.
  6. I would have permmabanned you son!

    No, it was a bit much. My bad, for sure.
  7. thank you

    I was about to infract you but I decided to give you a second chance
  8. fine, I will edit it Princess....

  9. Dude, you went into the Lakers forum and called one of our players a princess.. Many would consider that baiting.
  10. dude, make a case for Kobe in that thread if you think you need to, don't feed the Laker trolls who will see your smart *** answer and not come up with anything but facepalms.
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