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Conversation Between Avenged and GREATNESS ONE

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  1. So what does our power rankings look like?
  2. lol L4S
  3. i think we should discuss this via PM
  4. What do you think Kareem or Shaq ?
  5. We need this win bro or all hell well break loose in the forum llullz
  6. Yo Micheal Scott, what's up bro?
  7. Anything? Huh.... Well I do know Avenged does like a good foot massage and a nice glass of wine. As you whisper sweet nothing's in his ear

    There you go bro!!! Make "anything" happen !!!!
  8. Haaha I did it for the llullz
  9. last time you did you trolled me pretty good llull
  10. oh ! Oh ! Oh! I wanna post on Avenged's wall!
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