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Conversation Between Avenged and still1ballin

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  1. pinga
  2. caca!
  3. i would love for that to happen. It would be so funny!
  4. Yeah I don't agree with Bynum being an option and so many great players out of it but I guess I can understand it in a way. Would be funny to see Bynum get the #4 spot since he can't get #3 anymore
  5. We still cool man. We Lake fans always stick together, but this is a clear reason I stay away from the NBA forum let alone from PSD
  6. Eh, I would like to, but I am afraid I won't be as active as I would want to be.
  7. Join the Lakers all-time draft my dude!
  8. lol well, i remember there was a thread in the f&s forum about the phrase and i remember that it was allowed to put the phrase in the sig, i just cant post it
  9. LMAO! I thought it would be a simple "you mad?". haha don't blame me if you get a warning or anything. But i'll say I told you it's fine, cause essentially I did.
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