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Conversation Between jgthegame1982 and kmo429

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  1. IM me 2morrow again,, i lost ur sn.. thanks
  2. Oh no roblem, It's a topic f debate, I just think Weight is lder, more injury prone an slower than most other captains, and he hasn't been playing very well. as far as captaincy goes I think it has much more to do with leadership though, and next year we'll be like most teams and our best player will be the captain
  3. Hey buddy, Sorry if I upset or pissed u off. with the Captain thread, I am just frustrated with his play lately... sorry
  4. I don't know if they do that. I think theyd do 2 gmas and an assistant. Not going to lie, 3 gms gets really complicated and its hard to get transactions done because we all agree. Id give it a shot if thye allow it, but it would be difficult.
  5. Talked to tsunami ... he is ok with 3 people GM--if u are,, let me know ok, thanks!
  6. i signed up, i already said id cogm with tsunami, but if that doesnt happen id co with you
  7. Did u want to join or be co-GMs?
  8. I saw you signed up for the mock deadline, good to see more islander fans getting involved on the site
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