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Conversation Between NC_RaiderFan5 and raiderposting

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  1. Would you like to join the zac Dysert club? We may need to get a 2nd but he will be a stud. Had the worst supporting class and did everything himself.
  2. True but I see glennon as Matt Ryan while Dysert reminds many of Big Ben
  3. Glennon has a lot of those same characteristics. He is the show at NC State because our running game is absolutely abysmal, and we don't have a go to WR or TE, and they drop a TON of passes. He can move around if he has to, but he has a big arm and can put the ball on a dime down the field.
  4. Zac Dysert my *****. If he's not a raider hopefully I'm wrong. I just see him being really good. Great Arm. Good Accuracy. Not fast but decent scrambler. Horrible rushing team, horrible oline, bad Wrs. And he still played well.
  5. Yeah, I believe our only hope for getting him is trading down to get a late first or early second. As much as I like him, I still believe we have to go defense with our 1st pick.
  6. Looks like we'll have to use a first for Glennon, his stock is rising. I'm actually starting to like Dysert more, really hope he's there in the third
  7. The only thing he is even close to those guys in is arm strength. I really hope we find a way to draft a QB.
  8. he's not trolling though, he really thinks palmer is on the level of manning, elway, young, marino, favre, montana lol.
  9. Trolling huh? haha
  10. check out the palmer accountable thread for a good laugh
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