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Conversation Between Monta is beast and IversonIsKrazy

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  1. ayee you down to play fantasy b ball?
  2. you seriosuly dont like problem he has a couple slaps out right now

    like whaaat goes pretty hard check it out
  3. Never been a fan of Problem, but A$AP is dope for sure. He keeps delaying his solo tho, we'll c when LongLiveA$AP comes out.
  4. ayee you gotta start listnin to asap rocky and problem..up and comin
  5. Em's last album was 2010. It's been 2 yrs. When I based it on all-time, I used their entire career's, which Em's is top 10 worthy. However, now, I am basing it on their last albums and features NOW, not during their prime, which I think Em has declined. Recovery was good, but a little repetitive, and Relapse was trash, which is why he is AFTER all those rappers NOW. However, if u look at his overall career, albums like Slim Shady LP & Marshall Mathers LP & even Eminem Show, they were amazing deserving a top 10 rapper. In his prime, he was a top 5, though he has always been inconsistent, like now. That is why he is lower now, compared to all-time.
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