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Conversation Between OREcoast49er and sf-fanatic

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  1. Haha. Funny to read that old post. So happy that he's doing it for us. I hope he keeps working to get better and better.
  2. It's funny I was checking furmat's profile and i saw these 2 posts from you over a year ago lol. I had the exact same thoughts about Alex last year too, but I'm glad hes been succeeding on our team, not somewhere else.

    I hate to say it, but Alex is done in SF. He and the team needs a fresh start. I wish all the best for him. The 49ers screwed that kid(I can say that, I am definetly older then him). They wont give him another year, nor should he give SF another year. I just hope he gets an oppurtunity to shine somewhere. Hes got so much talent, just never used him right. It doesnt make sense to draft a guy #1 and not use him the way that made you want him #1 overall. Just beyond stupid/stubborn.

    As hard as it would be to see, I would love to see Alex get a chance somewhere and blow it up. If someone used him propoerly he would be a damn good QB. Our coaches absolutely refuse to play to his strengths. Baffles me why. Ill never understand it.
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