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Conversation Between OREcoast49er and Norm

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  1. My bad
  2. Dude I spent a ridiculous amount of money to go to the game so not really feeling the conversation
  3. Dude I spent a ridiculous amount of money to go to the game so not really feeling the conversation
  4. Kaepernick 2.0
  5. He did run a few times, I think he's encouraged to do that again. But he used to just hold it, locked on to one receiver until the pocket collapsed and he'd panick. You had to see the difference. I'm the last guy you would call a Kap homer and I noticed it and am excited about it. He's not 180 degrees different. But he's obviously made an effort to develop as a passer, something he's never done before. He's never going to be Rodgers, but I don't think we need that with our team philosophy. 200-250 total yards with a TD or two per game, while protecting the ball will win us a lot of games.
  6. The replays felt like him scrambling after holding it to me
  7. It was hard to miss because Dilfer get showing replays of him doing it on pretty much every play. Weird that he didn't show any sort of growth until Roman and Harbaugh were gone. I know Kap did a ton of off season work though to change his game. Even his delivery. Something Harbaugh said he'd never change.
  8. I'll check Kap again this next week but I really didn't see those things. Still think Roman can do his thing in BUF every play caller has their moments
  9. Roman can design a good run game but he's **** as an OC
  10. The biggest reason for all of our hatred is he would always seem to abandon what was working. I remember a couple years ago when we lost to Indy and Carolina, he just abandoned the run game. Especially the Indy game. I think Gore had lie 75 yards at half, then got like 4 carries in the second half. We lost by less than a TD. Same thing in the SB. Gore just runs all over the Ravens, then we abandon the run game and it cost us the SB.

    I think last year they did try to make him a more conventional QB. But their passing system was bunk anyway. Most plays only had two options and if it was 3rd and long WRs were instructed not to extend routes. I've already seen a difference in the offense this year with using the backs in the pass game. Kap is looking at more than one receiver on each play, and even turning down chances to run to make a completion for a first down. His big difference yesterday was keeping his eyes downfield with guys in his face. All very encouraging.
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