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Conversation Between OREcoast49er and Norm

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  1. I think our players have a disconnect between Capers and them. There's more talent than production. We look lost and just unmotivated at times. I'd give my left nut to have Rex as a DC here. He'd kick them in the ***** and get the most.

    Capers is just so passive and then I don't think he listens to the players. He doesn't make adjustments and doesn't cater to them. It's time for him to go.

    It can't get much worse really.
  2. Ya my Packer obsessed father in law feels the same. He just didn't feel like it was your guys year, but was glad it was a battle.

    There's some pieces on D, but ya obviously a new scheme or even energy would make the difference. O is obviously ready to rock.
  3. I really wasn't feeling confident early. It was nice to see us put up a good fight and not roll over. Our fans are crushed but I didn't have a big issue. I think maybe we just throw a new DC in there for some new blood and we might have something. Just need one more good draft like we had with Clay/Raji. Tough, but we can do it.

    And thanks.
  4. Ya man, I was convinced I was having a slow minor heart attack the entire second half. Felt more like we escaped than won. It was a battle. It looks like you guys finally have that back you've been looking for. He had some damn impressive runs against one of the top run Ds. Going to be a stud for awhile. I hope we just get our revenge on Carolina.

    Keep up on the smoking thing. Quitting I mean. You'll feel way more energetic. I did when I just went to a only smoke when I drink type
  5. Save me! lol. No I just was saying hi is all. Your team can kiss my balls but I'm glad we gave them a good game at least. I was pretty dang happy for a season ending loss.

    And I imagine the stopping smoking is probably part of it.

    I'm a little loopy, you said something to me and I was going to say something about the game and got caught up in this first I guess.
  6. Ummmm...I'm not a doctor? Lol. Lots of fluids I'd say though. Quitting smoking does **** one up though. I'm only a part time smoker so I don't get the cravings or withdrawals but I know they're hell.

    A bit random though...unless I missed some angry post of yours and you're explaining yourself lol.
  7. I think I'm ****ing dying. I got the flu or some ****. I feel like I took 300 body blows from Mike Tyson. On top of it, I gave up smoking so I'm also pissy as ****. lol. FML.
  8. I still watch a ton of college basketball. I try and watch maybe 2 games a week during the year, then I watch all the conf tourneys I can then obviously MM. It's my fav sport after the NFL honestly, as much as I love college. I used to live and breathe basketball growing up, playing it. As much as I love the NFL I never was near as fond of the sport. NCAA gives m the feeling of basketball I used to have. The NBA doesn't.
  9. I'm getting close to 10 years myself. I watched every Kings game. Great excuse to drink beer. Games on, better drink. They make the series go 6-7 games for ratings money. It's ********. I miss it. I'm basically only nfl football now days. I just don't have the time anymore anyway. I do watch the NCAA tourney though. Love watching my bracket torched me
  10. Yuppppppp. They basically molded it into like a....TV series. It's crap. I hate it. There's so many reasons but that's a big part of it. I used to watch religiously and I never even had a team, this was almost 10 years ago though.
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