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Conversation Between OREcoast49er and ULT WARRIOR408

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  1. Actually he's in Stockton.My bad.But yeah I heard Modesto is a cool.I now alot of people out their b/c almost everyone who lives out their now-n-days is from San Jose.Theres an Ice Cube movie called janky promoters & its based out there in Modesto.
  2. Modesto is pretty meh. Just a huge small town if that makes sense. Im sure you and your boy can find some fun **** to get into though.
  3. Yeah Tacoma is a poorer version of Oakland(if possible)thats where my mom is from.I've been to Portland,Eugene & Medferd.I did a lil standup at some comedy club in Portland.I love P-town.So yor from Modesto?My best friend(Oracle650)just moved out their & I am supposed to go see him in a few weeks.
  4. Ya, I went through Tacoma once. Not a fan. Seattle is pretty awesome though. Its a fun city. I live in a town called Depoe Bay. It claims to have "the Worlds Smallest Harbor". Tiny little town. Its like 1,000 people here. Its a great place to vacation, but boring as **** to live.
  5. The weather kinda sorta played apart in me leaving but it was mostly b/c there really isn't **** in Tacoma.If I could've stayed in Seattle I'd prolly still be their.Tacoma is ghetto as hell,plus I was staying with a criminalminded cousin as well.After about 1 year I was tired of it.I tried to move to Canada(Edmonton)b/c my cousin was out their & he said he could get me a job but I had trouble getting out their.So your from Modesto?Whats the name of the town in Oregan you live in?
  6. Haha, I bet it helped though! I planned on going back a few years back but was one of the people that got stuck with an upside down house. Then I got married to a local girl. Now I have a business thats starting to really pick up, so Ill be here awhile.
  7. I knew what to expect weather wise b/c I had been going up their for a lot of years visiting fam.But to answer your question I never got used to the cold rainy weather.I live in Tacoma,Washington from july 2004-july2005 I rember being in the middle of a hailstorm in august.The weather isn't what made me come back to Cali though.
  8. Coming from norcal, how did you handle the pacific northwest weather? Ive been up here for about 6 years now and am just now really getting a handle on it. Towards the end of winter you want to start banging your head against the wall because you havent seen the sun in a month. Only 2 seasons up here, wet and less wet.
  9. I was born in South Frisco,raised in San Jose & I've been living in Sacramento for like 3 & a hlf years now.I have lived in Oakland & Tacomo,Washington befrore
  10. Right now Im in a tiny town on the Oregon coast, about dead center of the state. Born in raised in the central valley. The Modesto area. Where you from/at?
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