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Conversation Between OREcoast49er and rapjuicer06

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  1. there wasnt one. the gm's chose who made it
  2. When was the "regular season"?
  3. our team didnt make it to the playoffs
  4. Did the redraft team "play" yet? Or did it when I was off getting hitched and such?
  5. ??? What up Rap?
  6. I have a thread in our forum. Theres a link, etc. But its on The league ID is 55943. Password is Go49ers
  7. let me know how and i will man
  8. Hey man, not sure if you do the fantasy football thing but I made a league for our forum. Hope you join!
  9. ooooh yea, people get pissed off at me a lot...some people on here just make me wanna punch a baby (dane cook, gotta love it). i mean if they think i'm wrong, thats ok. sometimes i am wrong, but other times when i know i'm right, i won't stop and thats when i get in some trouble
  10. Well do people call out your intelligence on a regular basis? Ive been called an "idiot" 3 different times by 3 different people already and Ive only been on this a month. One dude actually made an account just to call me an idiot. He was a Card fan tho. Hilarious. Once from a Bear, and once from a Packer. Best part was I wasnt really even talking negative. Especially the Bear one. Just explained what they needed for Martz offense to work. I was planning to use them as sigs, but they get deleted.
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