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Conversation Between The Top Shelfer and RedWings13

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  1. I traded that pick to BJR, thanks though.
  2. You're up in the draft
  3. I'm in
  4. Of course
  5. Can I ask for some advice?
  6. Thanks, that's more than enough
  7. Human rights

    Yes, every person regardless of sex, race, religion, and sexual orientation should be entitled to a variety of rights that should come with life.

    I think it affects every community, the United States is a melting pot and therefore we are subjected to a variety of ethnicity and diversity. With that diversity all comes hatred and the ignorance surrounding racism and intolerance.

    Hahaha how am I suppose to answer question 3?

    Everybody love each other
  8. The third question is pretty hard to answer without seeing the data so go ahead and skip that
  9. Select one of these issues (human rights, pollution, population, global warming), say whether you believe it's a local, national, or global problem (you can choose more than one), then answer the questions below:

    Do you think this issue is important? Why or why not?

    Do you think this issue directly affects our community? Why do you feel this way?

    What do you know now about the issue that you didn't before you utilized this resource?

    What are some ideas you have for resolving this issue?
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