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Conversation Between The Top Shelfer and tomsa592

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  1. Up
  2. You're on the clock now dude
  3. Sorry about missing my picks I've been away from my laptop broke Thursday so I sent it to get fixed. it should be back tomorrow (I'm on my schools computer now), but was my spot given away? If it was it's totally understandable, but if not I will definitely be able to make he rest of my picks
  4. Ya he is, i didn't trade his rights, and I don't plan on resigning him (have Sveddy as the back up) Go for it
  5. Hey is Khudobin a UFA? What happened with him?
  6. hahaha this is true, good working with you (again) lol
  7. Don't worry about it haha just let it happen. He will waive for Boston. Who wouldn't?
  8. Does Glencross have a NMC?
  9. Hell yeah, post it up.
  10. Hey I think Kelly might approve, you still want to pull our deal? I hope so haha
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