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Conversation Between The Top Shelfer and jakub

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  1. Otc
  2. if everyone downloads the program and downloads the file.. yes
  3. I was thinking. Is there a way to share the document for the league with everyone so they can all edit their own lineups that way? Like what if we each had a lineup sheet that only you and the gm could see?

    That way everyone could set their own lineups, make roster moves, etc. And all you would have to do is input them into the system. Just a thought. I am trying to do anything I can to help you out.
  4. you get him
  5. What is the ruling on my claiming of ray emery? I was first to put in a claim and my team finished lower than the other team who put the claim in
  6. Thanks dude
  7. you got them!
  8. Habs preferably, but I am not picky. Whichever is easiest for the good of the league
  9. Hey, would you rather the Jackets or Habs?
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