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Conversation Between Shaiza and tomsa592

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  1. Get back to me sir
  2. Please respond ASAP if you can.
  3. No thanks. I think I'm close to trading him anyway.
  4. How does a Marchand/Roussel based deal interest you?
  5. I could build a deal around Chiasson for Boychuk, could that work?
  6. I don't want prospects for Boychuk.
  7. I know you're busy with committing stuff, but any form of response on JB would be wonderful
  8. Feel free to send me a counter
  9. No interest in either, still like boychuk though. How does a 3rd rounder + Alex Guptil + Kevin Connaughton sound?
  10. Adam McQuaid + 2014 2nd Rounder for Alex Chiasson
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