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Conversation Between Shaiza and tomsa592

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  1. ThomasTomasz was the GM, I think he was Annapolis sometinhg
  2. Thanks. What is the team name?
  3. One of the GMs bowed out in the redraft. I don't really have the power but I'm sure you'd be welcomed to take over his team
  4. Get back to me sir
  5. Please respond ASAP if you can.
  6. No thanks. I think I'm close to trading him anyway.
  7. How does a Marchand/Roussel based deal interest you?
  8. I could build a deal around Chiasson for Boychuk, could that work?
  9. I don't want prospects for Boychuk.
  10. I know you're busy with committing stuff, but any form of response on JB would be wonderful
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