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Conversation Between Shaiza and SensandRaps

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  1. what tomsa said
  2. What do you say?

    Thanks for the PM by the way.
  3. If you can move it to the main forum, I will take care of the rest once I'm done with it.

    Being "active" is different for everyone. You won't have to do too much, just simple tasks here and there when you get the time. Maybe a trade or two. Let me know.
  4. where do you want me posting the rules? i just found them, and honestly its more of the fact that i will barely be on to do much (i have family visiting for the next little while) so if you think me being inactive will be a step up over the rest of the guys/what you currently have i can sign up but i figured with my lack of activity you guys would want someone active
  5. And join the mock. You will have the Sens so you don't need to do that much research.
  6. Sens can you please dig up those old threads
  7. all 3 at once
  8. Is the free for all round by round? Or can we draft all 3 players at once?
  9. your otc in the redraft
  10. we are going based off the cap hit listed for each player this year on cap geek
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