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Conversation Between Shaiza and boilerguy2412

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  1. A list of what?
  2. Bertuzzi has a Mod. NTC he has to submit a list
  3. Oh I'll enjoy it alright. Thanks boiler.
  4. Enjoy your retirement, lol....How will you ever live without people complaining about something that is free and takes up all your time. lol.
  5. just throwen my 2 cents out there why not making this end Feb.1 Still a lot of teams talking trade
  6. I think it's just you. I have had no problems
  7. i click on edit and just a grey screen comes up, it's happened in the panthers forum as well, i told a couple of the mods about it, nobody has got back to me. just wondering if it's just me
  8. No, what's wrong?
  9. has anyone else told you they have had issues updating there clubhouse
  10. That'll be his cap hit
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