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Conversation Between hustleloyrspct and cle12152433

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  1. sounds like a good trade i dont kno much bout malaluga or w/e cept he went to usc lol
  2. I was offered this trade....what do you think?

    Interested in Steven Jackson + 14 + 16 for LeSean McCoy, Rey Malualuga, and Vontae Davis?
  3. the next few rounds may make or break the teams
  4. i did give up our ninth rounder, but we got his tenth and we got like a 13 for a 16 so pretty even trade we could have made all other offers were garbage
  5. ha yeah dj williams is beastly
  6. I changed my mind...I also got us DJ Williams, a mammoth 4-3 LB. Trade Mayo, but at least people wont rag on us for having a 3-4 ILB at 4-3 MLB, which i honestly didnt think was that big of a deal.
  7. hes an average quarterback right now i think alot of people doubt how hes gonna do are u thinkin bout trading our qb?
  8. How would you feel about Matt Leinart?
  9. hey u thinkin another offensive lineman? im thinkin we need a db
  10. wuddup
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