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Conversation Between ElFuturoDeESPN and Fukudome

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  1. You're up in the OOTP draft, brah.
  2. I don't wanna bug ya man, but TO screwed up the picks in that deal for Grubbs. It should be an easy fix, just VM me when you're on and we can sort it out.
  3. Hey man, sorry about the debacle with our NFL mock deal for Grubbs. The 6th we sent you should have been the Cowboys and not the Steelers. Also, it seems we didn't have a 7th, but I hope that's not a deal breaker?
  4. Same, I hope he keeps boosting for ya. Good deal, sir.
  5. You're a peach, mah dude. There were a couple other guys I liked, but Alvarez was the cream of the crop that I hoped were available.. Good dealin' with you again, sir.
  6. You really know how to pick the guys I'd prefer to keep

    Anyway, let's do it, you can post it. Gotta give to get, right?
  7. Hoffman for '94 1st, P Vincente Alvarez (AA)?
  8. 94 1st and a low/mid level spec for Hoff?
  9. Damnit

    Spiezio and Carp are like all I have in my system. I'll get back to you after I get out of class today.
  10. Spiezio and a 3rd for Hoffman?
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