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Conversation Between Bob_at_york and John Walls Era

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  1. i don't know if I have the time. Pretty busy right now.
  2. interested in the sim again? we need a GM for the hawks
  3. Whats the penalty for being over the hardcap?

    Bucks interested in Ellis.
  4. Whoa! Once again send me a PM. I don't think I can take on that amount of salary.
  5. Dirk + Wallace for Curry and Pick?
  6. I like wallace but you will have to sweeten it for Curry. Send me an offer
  7. are u interested in Dirk or Wallace at all? Im looking to rebuild, interested in Curry.
  8. Felton (Cutback)
    Luke Babbitt


    2014 First
  9. No thanks. I don't trade LPs unless it is absolutely necessary
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