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Conversation Between Bob_at_york and Eagles4Lyfe

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  1. Want to discuss a fantasy trade?
  2. I was referring to Lee. Gordon is a top level guard (when healthy). I have never been a fan of Lee but I thought he would be the guy you would most likely get rid of.
  3. Erotic gordon or lee??

    Gordon is available but not for brand or anderson i'm not high on those guys.

    Courtney lee i'm a big fan of playing next to rondo and pierce he can be a really solid fantasy player and I value him higher than other gms do
  4. Top guard? I thought he was your 4th string SG.
  5. I do want a center but I don't have faith in the ones you have for one of my top guards
  6. I thought you wanted a center. I like Gordon.
  7. What are you looking for in return for pierce??
  8. Are you interested in a nfl fantasy league like last year again??
  9. Hey bob im trying to figure out a pierce for gortat base but i dunno what other pieces to possibly add to get this going. Cause i dont wanan give pierce for tat straight up I want some similar piece in return to while I add another piece to.

    Have anything in mind??
  10. Try the fantasy league again.
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