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Conversation Between gbpackers12 and Norm

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  1. Didn't you an I talk about drafting Sam a bunch of times for the lulz? Or am I nuts?
  2. Reminder: You reserved a spot for the draft game but hadn't finished all your picks. Just reminding everyone just in case they still wanna finish/play!

  3. And yeah Yeah that troll guy is saying trade him and then the other guy jumped in on how he's overrated and what have you. Just bummed me out.
  4. I thought I was going HAM yesterday but today I had some troubles, got frustrated and stopped for the day. Granted, I've been using stupid weapons I'm not good at to experiment. I'm SOOOOOOOOOOO tired of the smart pistol. I literally put so many guys to like under 20 health and then they just do jump jump million jumps then ace me with that thing since I have to aim and they don't. They needed something else to help out against that thing.

    I did a pretty legit execution string today. There were 3 pilots all on the same roof, I snapped all 3 of their necks in a row. I jumped off and as I did I saw a big red dot under me on the minimap. Double jumped kind of back the way I came and landed RIGHT behind him. Snapped his neck. 4 in a row.

    Have you ever seen McGruber? When he gets the throat rips?

    Right as I did it, I was like, mmm got another throat rip in. Might have to go for the turkey.
  5. And I'm still using mouse and key board. I'm starting to get the hang of it now. I've been doing the campaign playing against some lower level guys so I've been doing better and hopefully when I go back to classic I won't be getting raped as hard.
  6. Oh **** I didn't know I had to accept your request. I thought we were just friends on there now. Every time I looked for you on it said you were off.

    Dude, wtf happened in the Packer forum today. We're trading Cobb now? Yikes.
  7. u gonna accept my Origin add bastard

    Got the rest of the week off. Gonna go HAM.

    You still using KB and mouse or you did the controller thing or what?
  8. Dammmmmmmn. I just gave away my older gaming mouse to someone. I would gave it to ya if ya just gave me shipping or something. It was still a good mouse but the one I got had all this adjustable **** I wanted.
  9. Yeah I really like it. I told a buddy of mine I might not be playing CoD on PS4 this year because I'm liking the way this one plays on PC. I'm getting better with it, but I need a better mouse. My 10$ logitech isn't cutting it lol
  10. I added'll know it's me. Says Norm in it.

    You'll fall in love with PC as you get the hang of it. I was using the semi auto sniper today and I literally felt invincible at times, running full speed double jumping off **** spinning circles and jsut firing at anything that moved and bodies were dropping everywhere. It was so much fun.

    I can't remember a game like this.......ever.
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