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Conversation Between kdspurman and Iron24th

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  1. Lol yeah I know,it's sounds bad loool
  2. Timmy a Laker? Man I can't see that LOL...
  3. Wow,your LA/Texas stat is crazy!!!
    I didn't realize that. Timmy will pass shaq and then Timmy and Kobe will make a last run to tie MJ.
    And yes I'll be sad too when Timmy and Kobe retire,but watching them play this year,make me feel they both have still 2 or 3 years left at a high level.
    I have to admit I've always liked Timmy,too bad he didn't become a Laker lol.
  4. Yea I think about that a lot. It's pretty amazing, and outside of LA/Texas no one has won it all out west since 78-79 season when Seattle did.

    But this past decade, it's been SA/LA and it'd be awesome if Timmy can not only tie Kobe but pass Shaq I mean those 2 combining for 9-10 rings in their careers is pretty dam impressive. That's why when people go into the whole who's the better player of this generation, I don't think there's a wrong answer between the 2 even though Kobe's had more finals appearances.

    Gonna be a sad day when those 2 walk away from the game...
  5. I'm not worried,okc isn't on the same level SA is.

    9 of the last 14 titles since 99 were won by LA and SA.
    Just 4 others teams won 1 each: detroit,miami,boston,dallas.
    If you win this year,which I think you will,it will be 10 of the last 15,crazy.
    Talk about domination from two teams in the last 15 years.
    I just hope we'll face again in playoffs,our oppositions have always been entertaining.
  6. Truth be told... I would have been much more worried to play LA than OKC... Despite the depth, those guys always go hard when we play. Especially Kobe...

    But I like how we match-up with OKC, and I trust Pop to make the right decisions. But at the end of day you have to go out and play the game. And those guys in OKC are very explosive, and can get going in a hurry
  7. Yeah,as a fan I know what you mean,you don't want to curse that and you're right.
    Honestly I don't think okc can win more than 2 games against you,we played awful,and they barely beat us two times out of four,and beat them once.
    And we're far from being as good and as deep as you.

    In the Finals,most likely against miami,I don't see them able to win 4 against you without HCA,you've been there before and it'll make the difference.

    Titles belong to SA and LA since 99.
  8. Thanks man... Waaay too early to even talk about being a champion again. But I appreciate that. I think it'd be awesome... 5 years has been too long!! As you know, we as fans tend to get spoiled with winning
  9. Hey kd!
    Just wanna wish you good luck for your championship run.
    I'm sure tge spurs will win it all,they're too good this year.
    Glad for timmy and TP.
    Are you ready to be champion again kd?
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