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Conversation Between Nymfan87 and xxplayerxx23

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  1. Not interested, sorry.
  2. Pujols+Dempster for Kershaw+pick?
  3. you're up again.
  4. Make an offer for One of the 3 I named. Im no good at making the 1st offer lol
  5. Hmm...not particularly interested in any of those guys.
  6. Oh and suzuki
  7. Hmm.... I have coco Giffen, Happ, Ubaldo, Pence, and cook and every reliever minus dootlittle and blevins avalible
  8. I'm mostly looking for bullpen/SP/OF/C help, so something along those lines. Throw me an offer and we'll go from there.
  9. Price on Parnell. Niese and duda. A's asking
  10. Duda is on the block, but if I do trade Ike, it's not because I'd be selling low.
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