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Conversation Between Nymfan87 and 1-800-STFU

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  1. Ur up
  2. Nah, I don't. I just like cars a lot, lol.
  3. Thanks for the advice there.

    That problem would account for the low price on it(I knew something was fishy there...), looks like I'll probably pass then.

    You seem to know alot about cars, you work as a mechanic or something?
  4. In the description it says clean carfax, but it also says "frame damage vehicle." Looks like that's the problem. You might want to have a mechanic look at it if you're really interested in it to make sure everything checks out alright, because the clean carfax is a good thing (especially for when you want to sell it one day) even if it appears as though it really should have something noting the damage.
  5. This car seems strangely low priced considering the mileage.

    Strongly considering buying it this weekend. Have any thoughts? Seems too good to be true from a price standpoint.
  6. Decent fuel milage(20-30), no suv/truck, strictly sedan/sports/compact. No real preference on company. I liked the styling of the Lancer from all the cars I've seen so far in that range.

    Other than that I'm really not too picky, dont care about engine size or anything as long as it's functional and comfortable.

    Keep in mind I dont know much at all about cars.
  7. What kind of stuff do you want in a car? I've been looking for a car for the past year or so in a similar price range to what you've been looking at, so I know a lot about what's available. I might be able to give you some more suggestions to broaden your options base.
  8. Hey, I said in my previous wall post that it's not that your posts weren't hilarious or awesome pre-jigglypuff awesomeness. Seriously, that is by far the best avatar picture I have ever seen.
  9. The real question is when was I NOT hilarious or awesome.

    But thank you good sir
  10. I just wanted to say that every single one of your posts has become hilarious and awesome just because of that jigglypuff in your avatar. Not that they weren't hilarious or awesome before.
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