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Conversation Between GuySir and LionsFan..LOL

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  1. Haha well she did make a profile so who knows, maybe a little kid or disabled or something
  2. Haha yeah. I banned one of those once who wasn't a spammer. I want to say the authority has made it so spammers can't make threads upon registering but I can't remember if that was followed through with or not.
  3. There's no way that's a legitimate human extremely clever bot though, like seriously
  4. I'm still not sure based on her posting although I'm leaning towards yes.
  5. lol "can't tell if spam or not"
  6. There's the reason why I avoid the MLB forum. Stats, stats, stats, stats and nothing else.
  7. Ban me now, I can't take this anymore xfipWARwRC+ for the love of god make it stop!
  8. If they did I missed it lol.
  9. Did they tell the mods who the user was that exploited vBulletin and put the spam code in? I wanna know!
  10. Ha thanks! Usually when I put those things together the last thing I do is put the images in. Everytime I put the images in first I always forget to put in the info because I assumed the thing was done lol
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