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Conversation Between cav_till_i_die and Heatcheck

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  1. i dont know. cant remember what it said, too long ago.
    either way, the only way kobe deserves to be on that sig, is if he's tying jordans shoelaces
  2. i apologize, i probably read it the wrong way
  3. you need to wipe the sand out of ur vagina, buddy, i was trying to have a simple basketball debate, thats what i thought people did on this site. no need to get offensive and snippy. no ones attacking you. enjoy your smog.
  4. Kobe missed the playoffs one year, and were ousted in the first round twice. i clearly remember him quitting on his team game seven, the same way people say lebron quit in game six (check it out, im pretty sure there were articles written), except lebron had a triple double the next game. then he started crying he wanted to go to chicago, and even told a bunch of fans, on camera amd under contract, that they "better get their bulls jerseys guys". the difference being, A) kobe was in LA, no disrespect at all, every city has its own charm, but its a lil easier to tough it out in LA than CLE B) Jerry West pulled off the most lopsided and crooked trade in NBA history, by basically awarding the Lakers an elite, if not THE elite big man in the NBA. dont u think ur giving kobe way too much credit?
  5. Can i ask something about ur sig, i understand jordan, but KOBE? You got Kobe and jordan together in a pic like they both did it the same way.

    Kobe had shaq in his prime, and then sucked *** for 2 yrs until Jerry West traded Kwame Brown for ****ing Pau Gasol to go along with Odom (the player the got back for shaq), their top ten pick center, and last year added Ron Artest. doesnt that seem like Kobe's on a STACKED team with 3 seven footers?
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