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Conversation Between ring91013144043 and hineswardfan

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  1. Not a big college guy so I have no idea. I'd just rather we look at pass rusher, safety and inside linebacker before running back. I do read some WalterFootball scouting reports and base most my judgement on the "NFL Player Comparison" section, but they haven't done Ball yet.
  2. How do you feel about Montee Ball?
  3. Gonna be sending you an epic trade offer now that we aren't facing each other this week in fantasy, I think it will really benefit both of us.
  4. It's alright man, just tryna build a dream team. Just picked up Fitzgerald too from Danny boy for a 1st, 5th, garcon and lloyd. Now my only spots to improve are TE/K for the unbeatable line up
  5. I'm way too thin at running back to give up Gronk, sorry man
  6. I'd like to make a move for Akers/Gronk. Would Witten + Vjax + a 3rd, 4th & 6th for Akers/Gronk/ 3 latest picks possible be cool with you?
  7. Terribly sorry, is the correct link. Thanks for the continued support!
  8. is the new logo link. Sorry for the update so fast but I feel it was worthy!
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