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Conversation Between ring91013144043 and BlueJayFanDan

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  1. No problem bud. We don't need to move that fast with this thing.
  2. Just posted, it was 2:30 in the morning on the east coast when it became my turn. Sorry about that.
  3. Your turn in our Mock draft.
  4. Good . What governmental position would you like? Think of something funny!
  5. Whoops. Just joined.
  6. You are not a member of Steelpack nation yet. I'm disappointed .
  7. We will see my man. Still a few weeks to change my mind. Perhaps I will.
  8. You too, Dan. Please don't go! Unless there's another reason you said that besides goodbye... but still don't go!
  9. Just so you know, I ****ing love you.
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