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Conversation Between ring91013144043 and Norm

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  1. Yeah no doubt lol. Didn't realize he was "one of them," I wouldn't have gone on one of my notorious and universally hated rants if I had.
  2. am I right?
  3. whooligun is the worst man. You think I'm annoying, that dude's always complaining to the nth degree about something.

    We did a mock draft this year and I told him he couldn't trade AP in it and he yelled about it for like 3 weeks. lol

    Dude is uneven.

    He didn't know Heath, he googled stats, he got caught, he wouldn't admit it.

    Case closed.
  4. Love the Eli vs Ben thread. It's astounding how insecure the Giants fans on this site are. Thread after thread of "Is Eli better than this QB? How about THIS QB? This one?"

    You say you prefer Eli's style. One of the homers in the thread referred to Eli's style as "smarter." Roethlisberger is forced into that style. He should get the ball out quicker? His incompetent offensive coordinator should have a check-down option. He should just throw the ball away? His completion percentage would be in the 30's or 40's and the offense would go nowhere. He had to overcome for the failures of his since-fired OC making his already below-average offensive line look absolutely horrible. The complaints about Gilbride is the predictable and boring run formations, which I'd prefer over Arians or Martz calling 7 step drops with a below-average line and no check-down option.

    Add the above to the fact that Roethlisberger has better stats, reg season wins, playoff wins, this shouldn't be a question.
  5. I distinctly remember his mock draft before April, he had DeCastro at 11 to the Chiefs.

    He's right, DeCastro did get some "plug in and play" labels. This was mostly due to Kevin Colbert's perfect record with first round picks, and the fact that all of our guards are pretty bad. He's wrong that this never means any transition period.
  6. So foolish. I went and looked at like 5 HOF guards. None of them were PB's their rookie year. 2 didn't even start all year.

    Nobody ever said their wouldn't be a transition period. "Can't miss" doesn't mean will dominate PS week one.

    And he could EASILY make the Pro Bowl. He's such a clown. Like I said. Bulaga gave up 11 sacks in 12 starts rookie year, next year he gives up 1 sack all year. Would have been calling him "can't miss" been wrong because he took a year to get in prime form?

    He's just bitter because he doesn't think guards should go round one, which is a joke. Honestly, guard is one of the safest positions to take in round one with tight end.
  7. Though to homie's credit, he gave up on saying DeCastro didn't have a good game after my unnecessarily long post.
  8. Merril Hoge said RGIII should be taken first. The first preseason game said otherwise. Must make thread.
  9. DeCastro didn't pancake every single DL guy in the PS. He sucks. I told you all. I'm so smart. I'm a genius. I know everything about football.
  10. It could probably work on a different team, but all the inside or potential inside guys, including Worilds, are too similar to Timmons. Fast, athletic, chase and tackle. No one to take the position Farrior had except for Foote, who is still good but not great.

    Another cause for the speculation is that Worilds hasn't done much at OLB, even with injuries aside, so maybe a change of scenery could have gotten him in his groove. But good for that guy for having Worilds in his camp, haha
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