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Conversation Between ring91013144043 and SteelCurtain

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  1. It's the forum-wide mock draft that we already took OLB Dion Jordan, RB Eddie Lacy and Fs TJ McDonald in
  2. I have no idea what that is, but sure!
  3. Hey, can I send you a chatzy link to look at who I'm interested in for our current pick? Seneca has been awol for a bit and we're up.
  4. Sorry for the delay, still getting used to the new format. Just replied to the thread, but take my opinion with a grain of salt because I don't really watch college ball. I said I felt Hankins would play end in our system rather than zero tech nose tackle, but I obviously don't watch him to make my own decisions. So considering that I'd have to say Ogletree based on Ziggy Hood, who isn't great but the furthest thing from a bust, and Cameron Heyward who is still stuck behind Brett Keisel. Nothing against Hankins.

    But I could be wrong and he could be good for Hampton's old position.
  5. Hey ring,
    I value your opinion on all things Steelers soooo.......
    If we could draft Ogletree or Hankins, who would you take? I'm leaning Hankins.
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