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Conversation Between BlueJayFanDan and tomsa592

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  1. We'll see haha. I just thought of a bunch of guys I could do with so I'm not too worried lol
  2. Yeah, it makes trading a lot more difficult. Hopefully someone else will help you out, assuming we don't take your guy haha.
  3. No its fine, I completely understand your concern, I hate having early/late round picks lol
  4. It's really tempting, especially since our pick is gonna be a spur of the moment decision, but your picks all being at the end of the rounds kind of kills it. If it was your 15 and 16, I might have been intrigued, but otherwise, probably not worth it. Sorry boss.
  5. No its fine, its so much harder to notice messages lol. My offer would be my 15, 17, 19 for your 15, 19, 20
  6. Sorry, didn't notice your VM. I hate this new PSD look. Were probably gonna keep the pick, but what's your offer for our upcoming pick just for the hell of it?
  7. interested in moving your upcoming pick?
  8. you and jrm are up in the redraft
  9. Your up. Sorry bout the wait.
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