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Conversation Between BlueJayFanDan and Shaiza

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  1. Alrighty.
  2. Nope. Done with NHL PSD games. Sorry. Not happening anymore.
  3. Are you gonna sign up for the mock?
  4. Just my opinion, since some trades are not finalized due to not enough TC votes, I think clubhouse deadline, as well as voting should be pushed back a little bit. Just to give people a little help. Not like there should be any rush on anything. My two cents.
  5. I'm just frustrated man. I have had two deals agreed to on both sides in this redraft only to be shafted last second. Then I have been close the deal with you and one other offer, and one player killed each deal. I just hate spending so much time negotiating only for my deals to keep falling through.
  6. Everyone knows Carter's season has been up and down. Nagging injuries and playing with the worst team in the league will mess with your game. Carter may have had a bad season, but if you want to talk skewed statistics, Ryder's season has been uncharacteristically good. That's a pony you should ride on.

    I mean I don't like playing the +/- game but Fowler's -28 is borderline embarrassing, along with his -23 last year. Souray, mind you, is a +11 on a Dallas Stars team, logging top 4 defensemen minutes. So let's not spit stuff out here.

    Where did I say Smyth wouldn't be a good 3rd liner? Just don't need him on the team and doesn't fit at all. I see your frustration but you are arguing with the wrong guy.
  7. Carter has scored 40 goals once and regressed since. You asked for Ryder who scored 28 more points than Carter this season. Even if Carter played 82 games, he was only on pace for around 50. Ryder has never been elite, but right now I would take Ryder over Carter. Ryder had more goals than Carter had points. I just am not really a fan of being trade raped which is why I wasn't giving you Ryder.

    As for Souray, I'm sure his contract took part in his AHL stint, but also that -19 he had in 37 games the season prior probably didn't help him either. He was brutal and that's what led to him being in the AHL. He was a great d-man. He no longer is anything but a 3rd pairing guy.

    Smyth is no longer what he was, but his age doesn't mean he sucks. He is still a quality 3rd line guy, and with the right guys could be a 2nd liner.
  8. Let's not put words in my mouth though. Never said I thought you weren't giving anything.

    Souray was in the AHL for contractual reasons. Let's be serious here. Souray can play both the PK and PP, 3 less minutes overall to Fowler's total overall minutes.

    I would take a 40-goal scorer center, keep the #4 who I can use in all situations. I also don't need an old player like Smyth on my team. The deal made sense for you, not me.
  9. Smyth is a huge upgrade over Upshall though. And Fowler over Souray IMO is a giant upgrade. Souray was in the AHL last season lol. I don't see how you don't feel as if I was giving anything...My second best center and a d-man like Fowler for an inconsistent center who always gets bashed, and a 30+ year old d-man a year removed from being a full time AHLer seems more than fair. Then I added Smyth to give you an even better return. But whatever, its a dead issue obviously. Thanks for negotiating.
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