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Conversation Between BlueJayFanDan and SensandRaps

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  1. Late reply, but no thanks to mock offseason.
  2. you should sign up for the NHL Mock Offseason, im running it this time and looking for some experienced gms to fill the rest of the spots up
  3. your up in the redraft, i msged your co earlier since it said he was online and you werent
  4. ill get an offer in to you for tommarow, going to sleep now
  5. Make me an offer and we will see.
  6. would you be willing to trade out of the 3rd round? i was thinkign something like your 3rd+later picks for my 4th+upgrades
  7. Alright, well I tried anyway. I am over it lol. Best of luck my man. May the best team win.
  8. im fine with brodeur have the stats to back it up, my 3rd pairing is better than the defence the devils have in front of brodeur i can make ti work, would not want to gut my team and its layout for a sligth upgrade in net
  9. I dunno, something on the 4th line maybe. I don't see how you can reject this. You are gonna get so much **** with Brodeur.
  10. depending on the upgrade
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