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Conversation Between BlueJayFanDan and GrkGawdofWalkz

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  1. I'll have to pass. Sorry bud.
  2. Want in on a very legit hockey keeper? looking for two dedicated people.
  3. You're up in the RD.
  4. Looking for people. (Come on you know you want
  5. Oh yeah, you are really close to the cap huh. Well unless you want Rolston, I doubt we will figure out a deal. As of now, we are not moving a winger from our top 6, unless its really beneficial.
  6. I cannot afford Smyth. Sorry.
  7. It would have to be a pretty nice upgrade then. Ryan Smyth for a much improved winger or Peverley for a much improved center. What do you think?
  8. The defensemen downgrade would be Morris. Let me know on offensive upgrade.
  9. I would not mind some sort of package deal taking a lesser d-man and a wing or center upgrade.
  10. What for Fowler
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