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Conversation Between BlueJayFanDan and Fly

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  1. I do have twitter. PM me your username. Will add ya.
  2. double.. visitor message
  3. do you have twitter
  4. I am gay...
  5. i wish you were actually gay
  6. I think we all know the answer.
  7. Are you gay BJFD?
  8. Touche
  9. you still have me
  10. I haven't quit. I'm just basically over it. I don't really post much anymore. I check the site basically briefly once a day, and that's more or less it. I dunno. It's kind of just dead to me now. All my team forums are just kind of meh to me now. I never liked the Blue Jays forum, the Mavericks forum died out, the Canucks forum is dead without Hockey, the Steelers forum is the only decent one left. The OTF is just annoying now. It always had stupid threads, but its even worse then it ever was. And I'm just kind of over everything else.
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