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Conversation Between BlueJayFanDan and carson005

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  1. I don't see too much that really interests me for those players. Maybe Voracek, but not overly interested. If you want to put together an offer, maybe I can be enticed.
  2. I like Burr(duh),Hansen(duh),Polak(shocking? perhaps), and Howard

    Not really looking for a major shake-up, but wouldn't mind adding any of these guys if you can come up with an offer
  3. We didn't make a sig bet but I'll take the playyyyyyyoffffffffs!!!!!!
  4. Thanks lover
  5. Happy Birthday man!
  6. Ummmm...Yeah...

    Count me in!
  7. lets bang now
  8. Even though you like the Yanks and Bengals, you know I love ya . My Canuck brother
  9. besides being a Steeler fan I wuv you though
  10. I get that a lot .
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