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Conversation Between roshan3ai and PocketKings

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  1. No prob
  2. No interest in Evans either.
    My OL is set with:
    Clady - Blalock - Myers - Osemele - Pears.

    Keller or Ballard don't really make up the value differential.
    Honestly, it'd take Will Hill + Randle + another piece I liked to get Colston. Heavy price, but WR's are sparse.

    Can't make a trade to a conference foe without it really benefiting me. Sorry bud.
  3. Do you like Jahri Evans? At TE we have Keller and Ballard..?
  4. Hi preshuz Roshy.

    My current and biggest weakness right now is FS. I need a replacement WR + Upgrades to: FS (1st priority) | TE #2 | and just overall depth.

    Sean offered me Soliai + Randle for Colston but that's not even close to what I'm looking for.
  5. Giants need a WR PK, help a brotha out
  6. Hurry up and go make your pick you crazy girl you.
  7. Yeah man I'm excited
  8. That's so ****ing badass though!
  9. I'm doing a service engineering trip in Nicaragua for a week during spring break. So yeah no internet hahaha
  10. OH DAMN! Where you going man? Why don't you ever invite me anywhere.
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